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Ultimate Guide to Timber Frames

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Timber house frames are an increasingly popular choice for construction projects around Australia. As stewards of the amazing Aussie bushland, we can enjoy using natural resources such as timber, while being careful to look after our backyard, making sure it stays beautiful.

As the backbone of any home, timber house frames bring structure and stability. As such an important element of the house, it’s important that you are well-informed when deciding which framing to use for your build. Timber house frames are a tried and true, environmentally friendly building solution, and they look great!

Perfect for the Australian climate

It is easy to see why the traditional method of building a house with timber frames is still so commonly used today. Timber is strong and sturdy, meaning you can have the comfort of knowing your house is built to last. Being a natural insulator, timber framing is the perfect choice when it comes to picking a frame best suited for the Australian climate, keeping your house cool or warm. Timber is also a fire-safe choice and meets all Australian fire standards. When timber burns it chars, this charring acts as a strong insulated outer layer. The charring protects the center of the timber, and this helps support the structure of the house.

Timber Frames are Perfect for the Australian climate

Termite Protected

One question some people have when trying to decide whether to use timber house frames when building their home is “What if we get termites?”. Termites can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare regardless of what building material is used to build their house. This is why we use H2 Blue Pine Treated Timber which has an environmentally friendly, water-based solution that surrounds the timber repelling termites and other insects that could cause damage.

Termite Protected Timber Frames


Timber doesn’t conduct heat, which means it is a fantastic temperature stabiliser. Our timber frames are fitted with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) as well as vented roof systems which further improves insulation while reducing insect presence and allergens in the home.

Guaranteed to last

Our timber frames come with a 25-year guarantee against termites but as we see around the world, timber frames are known to last for hundreds of years. Our timber frames really are the best choice for anyone looking for a long term solution.

Structural insulated panels (SIPs)

Custom Design

MiTek 20/20 software enables us to design your timber frames to suit your exact requirements. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to our timber frames! Here’s a look at some of our custom designed timber frames.

Custom Design MiTek 20/20 software enables us to design your timber frames to suit your exact requirements.


Timber is 100% sustainable and natural, which means using timber house frames is more environmentally friendly. We are dedicated to providing timber frames for sustainable homes. All our timber is sourced from environmentally friendly plantation pine, which means our farming does not impact the Australian bushland. When it comes to building sustainable homes, it is not only important to consider the material but also manufacturing and construction. Timber has the lowest Embodied Energy Rating of all building materials and produces less fossil fuel during manufacturing. This means that timber has a significantly lower carbon footprint than steel, aluminium and concrete. Timber frames are also faster to construct than other materials.

Sustainability - All our timber is sourced from environmentally friendly plantation pine

We take care of the process

Our team is available to visit your site to check and measure, before the final order is placed. We’ll also check for any access difficulties and organise the logistics of whatever needs to happen to ensure a smooth delivery.

We also liaise with site supervisors, co-ordinate deliveries, provide support for your site team and help organise council certification.

We take pride in supporting Australian construction companies and owner builders, bringing their designs to life. Our high-quality timber house frames are backed up by the support of our team, who conduct site visits and work together with our clients throughout the entire construction phase.
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