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Can Timber Frame Houses be Insulated?

Yes, Very Effectively!

Insulation makes a huge difference to your home’s running costs and environmental impact. We’re often asked, can timber frame houses be insulated?
Here’s the good news – timber frame house insulation is naturally more effective than insulation in steel frame houses!

Timber frame homes are increasingly popular, because they’re environmentally friendly and look amazing.

Many people are surprised to learn that while a timber frame house insulation is incredibly effective, timber framing is actually in itself a good insulator, helping keep a home warm or cool throughout the seasons.

Because timber isn’t a heat conductor, it has a low R-Value (thermal resistance rating), meaning that the timber doesn’t radiate or absorb heat quickly, which is a huge help when it comes to temperature stabilisation in homes.

Additionally, timber frame house insulation often provides better thermal protection than masonry wall of a similar thickness.

Timber frame roof insulation is supported by the fact that Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and vented roof systems are included. They help improve insulation, saving on energy costs and as an automatic inclusion with timber frames, they help cut down on air flow on the inside of the building. This reduces allergens and insect presence in the home.

When compared to traditional masonry methods, timber frame house insulation is much more efficient and flexible than other methods and can accommodate insulation between timber studs, much like in a cavity.

When timber frame house insulation is added as a continuous layer to the outside of the frame, it provides extra protection. A layer added on the inside provides extra room for electrical wiring, helping create a safe, positive and efficient environment.

Timber frame house insulation is known for its quick and easy fitting and dimensional stability, as well as its ability to adjust to small movements in the building over time. Timber frame house insulation really is the smart choice.

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