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When it comes to our timber frames, we prioritise your convenience and long-term satisfaction. Our timber frame house kits are delivered ready for installation, accompanied by clear instructions and layouts to ensure a hassle-free assembly process.

  • 25 Year Guarantee against Termites
  • Designed to perfection using Mitek 2020 software & manufacturing equipment ensuring precision & structural integrity
  • Assembled to a high quality exceeding Australian standards through the use of mechanically graded timber
  • H2 Termite Proof Treated Pine or Non-Treated Plantation Radiata Pine available
  • Delivered to your site ready to install with clear instructions & layouts

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    Timber Framing Experts Trusted Across Badgerys Creek Since 1996


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    “We have been using Trueform as our preferred frame & truss supplier/manufacturer ever since the inception of our business. They are experts in their field, who have a vast knowledge of frames & trusses and no job is ever too difficult or complex for their team to sort out. In…read more

    What type of company are you looking for when you require wall frames & roof trusses? This was our criteria: trust, integrity, honesty, quality, technical knowhow, service & price. Trueform Frames fitted these criteria & continue to do so since we started with them in 2012…

    We use MiTek 20/20 software to design and execute the perfect timber frames for your Badgerys Creek home or other structure. Using this software allows us to create 3D models of your home or project which allows to precisely plan the size and shape of your timber frames. It also gives a very clear idea of how much material / timber we will need and can help the builder understand where every stud is located and how loads are distributed throughout the structure.

    Since timber framing is made of trees / wood, the material itself is non-toxic. Timber is safe for carpenters and builders to work with and there are no health risks for the homeowner after it is installed.

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    Badgerys Creek Timber Frames

    Timber Framing Options

    Our team at True Form can help you with your Badgerys Creek timber frame needs by providing you with 2 different options: H2 Blue Pine Treated Timber or Radiata Pine.

    Wall Framing Badgerys Creek

    H2 Blue Pine Treated Timber

    We use H2 Blue Pine Treated Timber for Badgerys Creek homes, providing a 25-year guarantee against termite damage. H2 blue pine is termite and borer resistant as it has been treated with a synthetic pyrethrin. This is a water-based coating that surrounds the timber creating a barrier making it unappetising to termites and other borers.

    Radiata Pine

    Badgerys Creek timber frames made from radiata pine are a renewable, all-natural framing solution. Radiata pine is a soft wood that is easy to work with and widely used for framing, flooring and beams. Radiata pine is not termite resistant but can be easily treated with termite resistant chemicals if necessary. It is a great, versatile and affordable all-natural timber framing option.

    Badgerys Creek Timber Frames

    At True Form Frames and Trusses, we are passionate, committed and dedicated to providing quality products and outstanding customer service. We provide wall frames, roof trusses, flooring systems and timber sales to a range of clients including building companies, private clients and individual clients. Have a chat to our team today to find out how we can help you with your Badgerys Creek timber framing.

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