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Quality Roof Trusses | Marsden Park

At Trueform we:

  • Are built on integrity, honesty, trust and quality
  • A local, family-owned business
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    Our roof trusses are engineered using the latest Mitek 2020 design software to ensure that your Marsden Park home is made to the highest quality. We take into account the safety of installation, weight and manageability of trusses.

    Roof trusses are able to provide structure to your roof, helping to increase its overall strength. They can be designed to fit any building size, spacing equally apart to provide maximum support to your roof without bending or giving in to pressure.

    True Form Frames and Trusses - Roof trusses design and manufacturing

    Roof Trusses

    Our team at TrueForm can help you with your Marsden Park roof trusses needs by providing you with 2 different options: H2 Blue Pine Treated Timber or Non-Treated Plantation Radiata Pine.

    H2 Termite Proof Treated Trusses

    H2 is a treatment used on softwood for Marsden Park homes, providing a 25-year guarantee against termite damage, keeping your roof truss safe long term. H2 blue pine is termite and borer resistant as it has been treated with a synthetic pyrethrin. This is a water-based coating that surrounds the timber creating a barrier making it unappetising to termites and other borers.

    Non-Treated Plantation Radiata Pine

    Marsden Park timber frames made from radiata pine are a renewable, all-natural framing solution. Radiata pine is a soft wood that is easy to work with and widely used for framing, flooring and beams. It is renewable and very reliable making it a great choice for roof trusses. As it is also a natural product, it is better for the environment too and doesn’t conduct heat, meaning it can be safer to use than metal roof trusses. It is a great, versatile and affordable all-natural timber framing option.

    At Trueform Frames and Trusses, we are passionate, committed and dedicated to providing quality products and outstanding customer service. We provide roof trusses, timber framing, flooring systems and timber sales to a range of clients including building companies, private clients and individual clients. Have a chat to our team today to find out how we can help you with your Marsden Park roof trusses.

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